Our Commitment as Your Child's Care Provider's
Your child will enjoy a safe, nurturing “Home Away From Home” where they can learn to express themselves and understand their own unique personality's. Your child will learn to grow with the comfort and confidence to develop trusting relationships, value their individuality, and have fun just being themselves.

Children are served CACFP approved meals daily so they develop positive eating habits that will lead to a lifetime of goof health. are served
Participant of JC Family Food Association


We believe education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Every child has different needs and abilities, each learns in their own way and at their own pace. Their lifetime love of learning begins here. Below are just some of the things we focus on, and your children will learn at HAFH.

   We focus on:
nurturing and care
safety and security
engaging environment
on target development for all ages 
attention and self-regulation
speaking and listening
fostering independence
active learning
cooperation & communication skills
hands on learning

   Your child will learn:
listening and speaking skills
getting along with others
self-help skills
about making friends
alphabet and number introduction
letter sound recognition through Zoo-phonics

  Making friends, having fun, and learning every day at HAFH...... Join Us!

  Thank you,
  Nichol Brace

Sample of a couple days of lessons from a monthly theme

 Farm animals
Letter-H Honey Horse
Numbers 1-15
Social & Emotional skills:

*Children's lessons are based on each child's individual development. This is not an exact lesson.

  •  Name that animal game- Toddlers learn to take turns and share this helps with social development and teaches children to work together.     
  • Creative Arts-Processed Based Art/ Whatever their imagination creates related to the monthly theme 
  •  Sensory: “Old Mac Donald” putting rice and peas in a bowl and hiding farm animals inside, and the children fish them out with tongs
Language & Arts- practice writing name
Science & Math- trace shapes, counting to 15 (based on individual child)
Dramatic Play- Play Store & Puppet Shows
Motor: Zoo-phonics aerobics- Tossing balls, outdoor play if weather permits
Library & Language Arts- Exploring farm animal, color brown, letter h-related books and photo cards; Using letter h to find words that surround us, or in magazines.
Creative Arts: Draw a picture or make sculpture of your favorite thing theme-related
Science & Sensory- Searching for insects, flowers, leaves, etc. outdoors, describe new things we see grass, insects, flowers, leaves.
Dramatic Play: What do farmers do on their farm? Let’s gather the eggs 
Math & Manipulative: Arranging farm animals according to size  Sort objects by attributes; Using measurement tools to make a shoe box farm  

Reading to your child 
It is important for cognitive,language,problem solving and literacy development. At least 20 minutes everyday is recommended.
If you miss a day of 20 minutes rest assured HAFH covered at LEAST 20 minutes for you). 
While looking at a book, play "I spy" or "what do you see?"
It is also fun to ask your child their favorite part of the book, character, picture etc...
Reading creates imagination!!
 Music & Move
Sing songs with your child. Dance,wiggle, and let yourself go!!
Listen to music in the house and in the car, and choose music that you won't mind listening to again and again (and again). He'll start to sing along, and you may even recognize what he's singing from time to time!
Home Away From Home Discipline Policy 
Physical harm, threats, violent language will never be used with any child. 
If any child is putting another child in danger, such as biting, hair pulling, hitting, kicking, etc.... they will be corrected by expressing gentle touch. The parent will be talked to about the child’s behavior. If the aggression persists, the parent and child will have a talk immediately on how we should handle the situation if the FLIP IT method mentioned below does not work. It is my job to keep every child safe, but also almost 85% of toddlers go through a phase where they may use teeth,or fingers to express their feelings. We will do our best to keep this from occurring, but we all know it can take just a second. :( 
*Parents please refrain from using any physical harm or violent language towards your children while on daycare premises. I am a mandated reported for child abuse, and neglect in which I will call the appropriate authorities if any abuse is suspected. I want to keep Home away from home a friendly, happy environment for all children.
Here at Home away from Home we use a system called FLIP IT!
Flip it consists of four supportive steps to help young children identify their feelings, learn healthy self-control and reduce challenging behavior.
FLIP IT can be used for targeted interventions for a child displaying specific behavioral concerns or every day minor challenges and conflicts with one.
 Many people think the FLIP IT only for children who are exhibiting serious behavior challenges, but it is also helpful as an everyday strategy. AS we all know every toddler can go through their own behavioral challenges especially at age 2.
FLIP IT helps to build skills that ALL children will need throughout their life.
When using FLIP IT, and a child is upset and maybe throws a toy,acts out, throws a tantrum, refuses to share, doesn't want to play with others, this is just a few examples. FLIP IT uses empathy to find out why that child is upset. You empathize with the child, understanding why they feel the way they do. You let the child know that there is a solution to the way they are feeling, and tell them that together the child, and the provider will find that solution. This builds a trusting relationship with the child. If a child is upset, and you tell them "No do not do that , or you will be excused until you stop acting that way" you are not solving anything with the child's emotions, and why they are upset. There is always a positive solution to a negative feeling whether its rubbing their finger on their palm, squeezing play-dough, or a simple walk around the room. FLIP IT is a positive way to handle negative behaviors that are very common in toddlers, and caregivers, and parents are faced with these difficult behaviors daily. We need to remember children do not know how to process their feelings, that's where we come in to teach them how to understand, and control these feelings. They need to know its OK to be upset, but how they handle their feelings is the key. For more information on FLIP IT go to www.flipit.com. 

At HAFH we have a complete security system so doors are remained locked at all times. All the children parents will have a code to enter the child care facility at anytime. This is just one more step in ensuring your child's safety. We also have cameras inside and out for extra protection!!!
Best of all in case of a fire the Fire Department will be notified automatically!!
*****All licensed daycare providers, and certified Child Care Providers are mandated to report by law we WILL REPORT!! Thanks :)