Home Away from Home Daycare
2517 Dipper Ln Manhattan Ks
Owner- Nichol Brace
Located on west side of Manhattan, close to Ft Riley Blvd, easy access to Junction City/Ft. Riley
Nichols Cell- (can talk or text) 785-341-3148
Landline- 785-320-7426

Established in 2011 in Manhattan, Ks

Home Away from Home is located in the entire lower level of my home which is approximately over 1,500 sq ft. There is a walk out basement leading to the fenced in play area. The toddlers enjoy a variety of music by Greg & Steve including "The Bear Hunt" over ceiling speakers throughout the facility for singing, and movement time. 
The facility also has a steel storm shelter for tornado's or other disasters shelter may be required. It is properly stocked with waters, radio, phone, lantern, flashlights, toys, extra cloths, diapers, wipes, snacks, first aid kit, list of all emergency contact numbers & procedures, it does have power but I am ready if it loses power.  
 The facility is secured by Vivint for safety with surveillance camera's 24/7 inside & outside for kiddo's safety. Authorized personnel & all families have their own code to enter facility.If visiting ring the doorbell located on the outside right of the garage, and a staff member will assist you asap. When a child is enrolled parents always have access to enter the daycare.

We accept DCF and Raising Riley scholarships available to those who qualify! RR participate!

Hours of Operation 7 a.m to 6 p.m Monday- Friday 

6 a.m drop off is available for a $25.00 monthly fee for staffing, this is something we need to discuss depending on # of days. :)

Being a family-owned & operated business, I will give your child that personal touch they need to prepare them for the roads ahead, with potty training because we all need to stick to the same schedule or it will not work! . My goal is to make all my families happy. When your at work you need HELP with your child in so many more ways then just a babysitter, or daycare provider that has 2 rooms, basket of toys, and a TV. They can do that at home, Right???
At Home Away From Home Daycare, I work for you to provide the best care, empathy, safety, well being, happiness, and education your child receives when their away from Home. It is important for parents to feel secure about their child's care when they are at work, and I am committed in giving the best care possible so you can do just that! No struggle at drop off, and a nice worry free day!

Home Away from Home is a Toddler & Preschooler Educational Facility with a home daycare atmosphere.
We separate into 2 groups with a ratio of 1 provider to 6 children doing age appropriate interactive play & activities so every child gets the attention they deserve. Sometimes we play games all as a group and as teams :) Lots of fun! 
Home Away from Home Toddler Care unique for children 18 months and older. Teaching toddlers as they explore through dramatic play, socializing with peers as they build relationships & grow with confidence. Learning emotional skills such as empathy, negotiation, and cooperation in an exceptionally loving, safe, fun and clean environment. Thank you
@2011 Home Away From Home Daycare. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. brace.home@gmail.com or Call or text 785-341-3148

Hours of Operation 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday- Friday
6 a.m. hours available upon availability.

We accept DCF and Raising Riley scholarships available to those who qualify! 

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